Track List & Production Credits for Lyrical Theology Part 1: Theology

1.Table of Contents
Produced by Die-Rek

2. The Hypostatic Union
Produced by Die-Rek

3. Active Obedience (with J.G. of iSix:5)
Produced by Demodocus

4. Exalted (Psalm 110) ft. Joint Heirs
Produced by Theory Hazit

5. The Holy Spirit ft. Timothy Brindle and Leah Smith
Produced by Braille

6. Regeneration Interlude w/ Alistair Begg

7. Regeneration
Produced by DJ Sincere One (additional production by Demodocus)
Cuts by Average Joe

8. Election ft. Willie Will
Produced by Demodocus

9. Cosmic Powers
Produced by Die-Rek

10. Fal$e Teacher$
Produced by Blessed Nazarite (additional production by Demodocus)

11. The Millennium
Produced by Theory Hazit

12. Take Up and Read Interlude w/ Anthony Carter

13. Take Up and Read ft. Through Hymn, Omri of iSix:5 and Ant
Produced by Demodocus

14. Theology Q & A (w/ Stephen the Levite)
Produced by JustWord

15. Sacred Science by Blair Linne
Produced by Demodocus

16. With All My Mind ft. Melissa T.
Produced by JustWord

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