Kerrie Roberts Time For The Show Album Review

It feels like forever ago since Kerrie Roberts
released the lead single from her sophomore album,
Time For The Show, “Finally Home,” to the radio.
Indeed, Roberts’ follow-up to her solid-but-ballad-
heavy (and, frankly, kind of depressing) self-titled
debut has been a long time coming (Having been
bumped from its July 10, 2012 release date to April
2nd of the following year!). But the good news is that
Time For The Show, at worst, is definitely equal to
her debut, and at best, superior to it in every way.
The one thing that stands out the most on this record
is Robert’s strong and unwavering vocals. Her
confidence in her own abilities sounds like it has
increased immensely and she is not afraid to belt out
notes that she never even attempted on her debut.
The music itself is very poppy and electronic, not
unlike mainstream radio pop, but I feel that her
music, usually, has a lot more substance than her
mainstream counterparts. In fact (and I almost
hesitate to use the comparison since she admittedly
has a ways to go before she reaches the brilliance of
these artists), I must admit that I was mentally
comparing her music, favorably, to Plumb and
Charmaine at times (particularly album highlight
“Not Real Yet,” which could fit seamlessly on a Plumb
album). Her message, however, remains unchanged,
and that is simply that we need God and we can’t do
anything without him. Her songwriting is solid,
honest, inspiring, and completely Christ-focused, but
she does tend to use clichés at times (most notably
“Sing” and “Masterpiece,” and a little bit on the title-
track and “Finally Home”), and one song, “Wake Up,”
is just too corny. But these instances are easily
counteracted by highlight tracks such as “Not Real
Yet,” the ballad “In Your Sight,” “Finally Home,” and
the quietly epic closer “Like Jesus Loves.”
I didn’t quite know what to expect after Robert’s
debut, but I can confidently say that Time For The
Show met, or exceeded, my expectations in almost
every way. This woman has some serious potential,
and I have a feeling that she is only starting to
discover it. I’m looking forward to her future releases,
and I will not be surprised if one of these days, she
actually is mentioned unhesitantly, in the same
breath as Plumb or Charmaine.

Record Label: Reunion Records
Album length: 10 tracks: 35 minutes, 25 seconds
Street Date: April 2, 2013
Buy It: iTunes
Buy It:
1. Time for the Show (3:28)
2. Sing (3:21)
3. What Are You Afraid Of (3:10)
4. Finally Home (3:43)
5. Middle of It All (4:00)
6. Masterpiece (2:47)
7. Not Real Yet (2:53)
8. In Your Sight (4:08)
9. Wake Up (3:11)
10. Like Jesus Loves (4:49)

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