The first full-length solo debut from Martin Smith,
God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01, is set to release
April 23 amidst five-star acclaim. Leading up to the
release of the album, iTunes® and LifeWay Christian
Stores are both offering significant, exclusive pre-buy
offers for this collection of personal revival songs from
the former Delirious? frontman, co-founder and
primary songwriter.
Born out of a reinvigorated season of living in
community with everyday believers, Martin’s God’s
Great Dance Floor, Step 01 can be purchased now at
iTunes. With a compelling pre-sell feature on the site,
the digital provider is offering those who pre-buy the
album four exclusive bonus tracks plus an instant
download of the single, “Back To The Start (God’s
Great Dance Floor).” The bonus tracks include an
acoustic version of the new Martin Smith / Chris
Tomlin penned song “Waiting Here for You,” an
acoustic version of the classic Delirious? hit
“Obsession,” another classic Delirious? song “Jesus
Blood,” and “Fill My Cup,” which was featured on the
Martin Smith-driven, multi-artist charity CD/DVD
CompassionArt: Creating Freedom From Poverty.
When the album is bought at LifeWay Christian
Stores prior to the April 23 street date, buyers will
receive a free exclusive EP (in stores only) that
features new acoustic versions of the classic
Delirious? songs “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”
and “History Maker.” They will also receive the new
radio hit, “Back To The Start (God’s Great Dance
Floor),” which is already gaining spins at KTIS
(Minneapolis/St. Paul), WJQK (Grand Rapids, MI),
WBSN (New Orleans), WQME (Indianapolis), WCLN
(Fayetteville, NC) and more stations nationally.
“When you listen to Martin Smith’s ‘Back to the
Start,’ it’s like being a kid…and finding a surprise at
the bottom of a Cracker Jack box,” says Keith
Stevens, KTIS program director. “The surprise being
that worship turns into a party. After a long winter, I
think the Twin Cities are ready to dance.”
“Back To The Start (God’s Great Dance Floor),” co-
written by Martin and 2013 GRAMMY winner Jonas
Myrin (“10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”), sets the
tone for the record, building from a hard reality to a
full-on pop dance celebration, complete with brass
horns. “It’s a prodigal song about finding my way
back to everything that matters most; finding God in
it all again,” Martin says. His very personal story is
beautifully portrayed in the song’s new concept video
featuring Martin’s teenage daughter, Elle, in the lead
role. Premiering on RELEVANT Magazine as their
“Video of the Day,” adding soon to GMC TV and
being seen now on dozens of outlets internationally,
every nuance of the video is intentional as it unfolds
Martin’s story.
A welcoming invitation to prodigals and faithful
alike, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 (and Step 02,
slated to release October 2013) is a reminder that
God’s grace is for everyone. From the opening strains
of “Awake My Soul,” longtime Delirious? fans will
hear the clarion call of Martin’s voice, strong as ever,
declaring a resurrection of his soul.
As music fans are sharing 5-star reviews on iTunes,
the critics have been agreeing that this is one album
not to miss. With upcoming coverage in Charisma,
Worship Leader and more, the current CCM
Magazine Martin Smith feature says God’s Great
Dance Floor, Step 01 “marries the spiritual
maturation that comes forth in the lyrics within a
wonderfully harmonious intersect.” In its five-star
review, says, “Martin has
managed to capture some of the creative spark that
set Delirious? apart from other bands, whilst still
setting a new direction on his journey of reflection
and rediscovery.” Surrender Magazine calls the songs
“fun and powerful” as Alpha Omega News’ reviewer
beckons, “I need someone who has something to say;
something that touches my heart, my soul, my very
being…Welcome back Martin Smith. A great record
and a great return – this is one of my choices for
record of the year.”
With many of the songs written in collaboration with
young worship leaders and novice musicians at his
church, St. Peter’s – a Holy Trinity Brompton church
plant, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 is a joyful
labor of love for this seasoned songwriter/worship
leader. In addition to the radio and video single, the
album features the modern rock anthem “Fire Never
Sleeps,” which opens the recent, critically acclaimed
Jesus Culture With Martin Smith: Live From New
York album, the contemplative ballad, “Catch Every
Teardrop,” which was inspired by Psalm 52 and the
near fatal car crash that almost claimed Martin’s life
– a pivotal event that led to the formation of
Delirious? back in 1997, and “You Carry Me,” a song
of comfort for a friend whose husband recently died.
Martin also co-wrote four songs with Chris Tomlin,
including “Waiting Here For You” with its message of
the fragility of our humanity and how waiting is
perhaps the most difficult act of worship.
When Martin and his band Delirious? emerged in the
U.S. back in 1997, having already impacted a
generation of UK youth with its passionate call for
revival, most agree that the modern worship
movement officially began. The hope of that
movement and the music that came out of it-“I Could
Sing of Your Love Forever,” “Deeper,” “Did You Feel
The Mountains Tremble?,” “Shout To The North” and
a string of other modern worship standards-has
irrevocably changed the landscape of Christian music
in the U.S. and around the world. Long before 2009’s
farewell concert, RIAA certified Gold-selling and
GRAMMY nominated band Delirious? had become a
self-fulfilling prophecy. Like their song “History
Maker” that landed on 1998’s King of Fools, the band
became ‘history makers’ themselves.
Still making relevant music, Martin’s God’s Great
Dance Floor, Step 01 springs from a man refreshed,
revived and reconnected with Jesus and with his
Church. Excited to play a lead role in the ongoing call
to worship, he is a passionate model for young
worship leaders of today. | @MartinSmithTV |

I Am TholhuGospel

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