Family Force 5 Release New Electronic Album ‘Reanimated’

Family Force 5 announce the release of ‘Reanimated,’ a 12-track Electronic album. This will be a digital release with physical copies available on the band’s online store as well as at summer festivals. The album will be a perfect addition to any Family Force 5 collection, as it features 3 new songs and 9 remixes of Family Force 5 songs from releases ‘III’ and ‘III.V’ in addition to classic throwback tunes from ‘Business Up Front/Party In The Back’.

Some of the remix artists featured on ‘Reanimated’ include Tedashii, The Toxic Avenger, Nico Stadi, McSwagger, Riley Friesen, Smile Future, André Allen Anjos (of the RAC), and others. Over 173k fans have already clamored to the recent music video ‘Chainsaw’ (feat. Tedashii), which is be featured on this project.

Fans can catch Family Force 5 performing many of these new remixed songs during their DJ sets at summer festivals. These parties flaunt the band’s characteristically crazy and notoriously engaging post-show experience.

Family Force 5’s latest studio album, ‘The Third,’ marks a dynamic shift and takes the group back to their Rock roots, resurrecting the heavy guitars and bombastic beats of their debut. Unadulterated energy ties the band’s unstoppable genre hopping as Family Force 5.

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