LZ7 Prepare For New Album Release ‘Aftershow’

Following the success of their 2 UK chart singles – ‘This Little Light’ and ‘27 Million,’ LZ7 are set to release their latest album ‘Aftershow’ following their most recent single of the same name released on 2nd June 2013.

LZ7 have been working hard in the studio cultivating their latest offering that brings them into 2013 and beyond. ‘Aftershow’ has kept the familiar pop/dance sounds of previous LZ7 projects but has definitely stepped up a gear in maturity and sound making ‘Aftershow’ a euphoric Dance anthem that would place them alongside other established Dance artists in their genre.

Frontman Lindz West embarks on the ‘Cycle For Freedom’ from September to Oct 2013 covering 2700 Km’s in 27 days as the topic of modern day slavery sits close to LZ7’s heart. The single release following the CFF is set to raise awareness of this issue.

With the album of the same name due to be released on 7th July and 2 further singles for 2013 LZ7 look as though they mean business on the UK and worldwide music scene.

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