The Ambassador Releases ‘Yah!’ – You See Me

After more than a year of laying low on the music scene, The Ambassador comes roaring back to the forefront with his bombastic new single ‘Yah! (You See Me),’ available online for free download. Produced by Geeda, this headbanger features a classic ‘Amba’ energy and sound, while leaving a Timberland footprint all over the eardrums. With the video already set to debut soon, this song is a raucous declaration. In an era where secular society seeks to marginalize the believer, The Ambassador takes a stand for the Gospel and all those who rep Christ. The organ stabs and hard-hitting drums set the sonic foundation for his in-your-face posture, unashamed of his beliefs or the God he serves.

The single serves as the first offering from The Ambassador’s late June EP release ‘Hors D’oeuvres’ on iTunes and in stores which The Ambassador describes as an appetizer for his fifth studio album, slated for October 2013, both from label home, Xist Music. But, in typical fashion, the Christian Hip Hop vet also says that the title of the EP has a double meaning: that this life is simply an appetizer for the fullness that Christ has to give us upon His glorious return. The musical vibe breaks down as a vintage, classic Hip Hop, East Coast feel, with a contemporary – but, not overly trendy- texture.

This new foray into the musical pool, will surely build a summer’s worth of anticipation for The Ambassador’s fifth studio project, ‘Flame On,’ in stores in October 2013. The Ambassador’s last release, 2011′s ‘Stop The Funeral’ was his first on Xist Music.


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