7th Time Down Release Sophomore Album ‘Just Say Jesus’

BEC Recordings announces the sophomore release, ‘Just Say Jesus,’ from the Kentucky-based rockers 7eventh Time Down on 3rd September. This album is the follow-up to their label debut, ‘Alive In You,’ which released in 2011. ‘Just Say Jesus’ is preluded by the title track and radio single that is currently climbing the charts. The single is charting on the National Christian Audience chart with 1.9 million audience impressions as well as it debuted this week at AC Indicator and continues to move up on the Hot AC/CHR chart.

“This single is way bigger than we are as a band,” offers lead singer Mikey Howard. “It’s way bigger than we could’ve hoped for because God’s using it.” The single has spurred a constant stream of stories from fans that remind all four band members of the power of a song to impact lives. Their second full-length project finds the band sharing some narratives of their own on ‘Just Say Jesus’.

“There’s a story told in each song,” bass player Cliff Williams explains. “We write about living and what inspires us because Christians are real people. As believers, God will inspire you. It’s going to be the biggest part of who you are. That doesn’t mean at times you’re not going to write a song that’s reflective of who you used to be. We’re just southern dudes who’ve got dirty pasts just like all the other people who have come to know God.”

“There’s a lot of hope in this record,” guitarist Eric Van Zant adds. He’s quick to acknowledge the power in the simplicity of the new album’s title: “The name of Jesus, nothing trumps that. That’s it. Nothing trumps the name of Jesus ever.”

While every bit as loud and hook-laden as their 2011 debut, ‘Just Say Jesus’ is a more aggressive, focused and cohesive effort. All four members co-wrote the majority of the 10 tracks, while also lyrically collaborating with respected songwriters Ian Eskelin, Jeff Pardo and Tony Wood. Eskelin (Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson) produced two of the tracks, while Howard produced the additional eight—a daunting, yet rewarding task for the front man. Ironically, the majority of the album was cut in Howard’s basement studio in Mount Vernon, Ky., the same basement of his childhood home where the band recorded their first song when they were young teens.

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