NEW POEM ::: Jeremiah (@iamtholhuslim) – He Is Me

My way…No, My way.
My will…No,My will.
My judgement…No, My judgement.
My decision…No, My decisionA clash…Of desires,
Of experience,
Of generations,
Of mother and child.

“Don’t do what you want to do” she says.
“I will do what i want to do” he replies.
She exhales deeply, and does not utter another word.
His heart hardened, he walks away.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass…It is time to return.
Satisfied to have satisfied his own interest,
Scared what her response will be like.
The closer he gets, the less confident he becomes

Now he feels like the prodigal son,
He opens his mouth, but words fail to come out.
His eyes lack the courage to behold her,
So they take solace in the ground instead.

Drowning in guilt,
Choking on regret.
As of this moment,


2 thoughts on “NEW POEM ::: Jeremiah (@iamtholhuslim) – He Is Me

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