UPDATE ::: #HappyMorningWithJeremiah Update

This is to all #HappyMorningWithJeremiah Faithful’s (Listeners, Retweeters, Blog Visitors, BC Re-Senders and those who spread via Word of mouth) who have become increasingly worried about the absence of fresh Episodes of the show on their twitter TL’s and mentions, Facebook Walls, Whatsapp and BBM Bc’s etc.

I must start by first apologising for this sudden break in production run, which is due to a whole lot of factors, some of which I will get into explaining soon.

If I must confess, as much as I enjoy reaching out to all those who had become faithful’s over the first 16 Episodes of the show, I was also very hungry to get more attention. And considering that the show is produced on absolutely no-budget, paying for marketing/publicity wasn’t going to work for me.

Also, if you will agree with me, the times we are in, is one where users are very conscious of the way they exhaust their data (Hello Android people). Due to this reason, I had to reconsider the production format the show was running on to see if I could come up with something more data-friendly.

Thirdly, as most of you already know, or are about to know, the show is actually a zero-profit venture (but impacting people has been rewarding for me), So I decided to get myself involved in other profit oriented ventures moving forward. The implication of this being that there wasn’t going to be enough time left to sacrifice for the production process (Writing, Recording, Editing, Tagging, Uploading and publicity).

So in light of all these cool stories above, I decided to take time off and go back to the drawing board to see if I could come up fresh ideas to employ that would not drain me and still not deny the growing number of listeners the quality they have come to enjoy so far.
With all that said, I wish to announce to faithful’s of #HMWJ that the show resumes on Monday, 17th November, 2014. Though in a different format, the content quality remains the same.

In conclusion, I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for the immense support you have given me from day one (God go bless una hustle too), it has really kept me going. Please keep the love coming and know that I love you too.

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