The Good, The Bad, The 2014


As i write this, I can say with all confidence that i am leaving 2014 way better than i came into it, i undoubtedly experienced growth in almost all,  if not all areas of my life. Looking back at the year now, i can say that the year definitely had it uptimes and the down ones too, the happy moments and the sad ones too. There was The Good, The Bad and The 2014 .

Here are some highlights from the year (at least those that i can remember for now)… You ready for me? Did you say “Yes”, Oya let’s get into it, Abi na “No” you talk…Oga me sef no dey wait you abeg, You no hear say 2014 don remain few hours. Oya my people, let us go.

1. Good news, After all the boring lectures, walkgging (walking +jogging) long distances just to answer “present ma,” impromptu tests (a lot of which i missed) , late nights spent jacking with them Funso, Egun, Afolabi atibeebelo at Awo Hall Cafe. I graduated in one piece from the Department of Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University. B.A. Dramatic Arts, a course i had always wanted to study far back as my primary three (if my memory serves right).
2. My heart broke ( but no be because of woman o) when the hard drive of my laptop crashed. Some people would understand why my heart had to be broken…my hard drive is a knowledge bank believe me ( tutorials and books yapa). I also lost writings i had come up with over time…#AlwaysBackupStuff
3. And I was so sure i would end the year as a member of the NYSC, But the story change my brother. My dream of being a 2014 otondo got smashed in my face big time….#AyeKnicker
4. Moving forward, you know that thing they call convocation? I never expected 2014 would be the year i would experience it, but it turned out to be the year. (Even though the cap i got had obviously survived countless rat attacks) Anyways, we did convocation and it was good #TeamOAU.
5. I was blessed with an opportunity to experience firsthand  what a professional Nollywood movie set looks like ( i’m not talking Asaba or Idumota! ). And it changed my orientation, now i think big time….#NoTimeForIranu.
6. 2014, the creative side of MOI finally decided it was time to step out of the box. And even though there is a lot of stepping out yet to be done, I have to say that i love where i’m at creatively at the moment.
7. So, if you didn’t know, i love Rap music and i happen to have some BARS of my own too (Who doesn’t nowadays right?) Well, this dude Sola Solanke took me through my first studio session ever and we recorded a song titled “Sleep talk”, which i believe till now only about 5 people have heard.  #MeSefRapper.
8. Men…if you must know, i made some major financial mistakes this year, and i am sure future ME wouldn’t hesitate to punch that ME for those errors. The good thing however, is that i was able to learn through it. #Life
9. This year, i stepped into a new phase in my life…A phase which i honestly wasn’t fully prepared for, but i have to say that, i have been enjoying living this new phase of life so far…#LiveLearnGrowOnTheGo
10. Even though you might decide to see this one as trivial, it isn’t to me. I started 2014 with no BIABIA, but now…the seeds are beginning to germinate, the future is bright my broda. And to everyone who ever made jest of me, God don remember me sef! *tongueout* to you all. #ProspectiveBeardGangInitiate.
11. BONUS: I am still on the SINGLE and UNAVAILABLE train (you know that one?) Na as we enta the year we dey exit am… #Time
And even though a lot of things didn’t turn out as planned, One thing that was Constant through it all was God’s Presence, and it is because of this that i look forward to 2015 with all hope that God who began this good work will definitely see that he completes it.

P.S. I do rant a lot, me sef sabi.

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