Artist Interview: Rance Allen Group Talks Music Business and Amazing Grace

The Rance Allen Group are in the midst of
celebrating their 40th year of being in the gospel
music industry. With a new CD/DVD project,
“Amazing Grace”, the fellas of the Rance Allen
Group, take us on a musical journey with a behind
the scenes look at their lives and highlights from their
music career. Hit songs, major crossover appeal and
hearts after God, had an
opportunity to get to know The Rance Allen Group a
little better. Get into the interview below and pick up
“Amazing Grace” available now in stores everywhere.
ICG: Having been in the business for over 4
decades…How has the music industry
changed in your opinion? RAG: “It’s now the
digital age it’s easier to get material recorded, but
that doesn’t translate it into your material getting
ICG: I know many artists would say that you
and your music have influenced them to be
the artists they are now but…Who are The
Rance Allen Group’s musical influences? RAG:
“James Cleveland, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Volinaires,
and Motown”
ICG: We’ve seen groups come and go in the
music industry…What do you attribute The
Rance Allen Group’s success and ability to
stay together for so long to?
RAG: “The fact that we are blood brothers and it has
to work for everybody or it doesn’t work for anybody,
because that’s what usually splits the groups. We all
have the same goals for the group and those are to
spread God’ gospel thru song and bring souls to
ICG: In your own words, What does the
“Amazing Grace” project mean to you?
RAG: “It’s God’s grace that we are still here after 4
decades of singing. Amazing Grace also has to do
with all of us knowing that God’s grace, in other
words, is actually His unmerited favor. God has been
just that good to us, and when we look and see all of
the things He’s done for us and the places he’s
allowed us to go and the people he’s allowed us to
meet all we can say is God is truly amazing!”
ICG: Looking back over your career and the
many experiences you’ve encountered…What
is your favorite memory/experience to date?
RAG: “When invited to sing on the Wattstax show
that was held in the Los Angeles Coliseum. the first
big show Isaac Hayes asked the group to open for him
and the induction into the International Gospel
Music Hall of Fame.”
ICG: With all that you guys have experienced
in your career…What advice would you give
to an up-and-coming group/duo?
RAG: “Sing because you love to sing. If you do that
you will not be disappointed wherever it takes you.
Because if you are singing for the fame and fortune it
will trip you up somewhere along the line.”
ICG: What was the creative process like for
creating “Amazing Grace”?
RAG: “We had to work together and then also had to
work separately to complete the CD. Anytime any of
us came to the studio, together or separately, God
would always bless us to be creative and do music
that was simply amazing.”
ICG: Throughout the history of your career,
What has been the biggest lesson learned?
RAG: “Isaiah 40:31. We have learned that “…they
that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…
they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk
and not faint.” The music careers are like life, it’s a
journey and you need to stop and smell the roses
along the way. There’s been a lot of interesting things
happening along the way, and you can miss the way
you need to go.

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